The New Normal

Here we are. The year is still young just in case you feel like you’re lagging behind. March 2020 feels like yesterday when the world came to a standstill after news about the Corona virus broke. It is also the month that our collective sense of how the world works was disrupted.

We are almost hitting the three year mark since the pandemic became part of our lives. Whether you realize it or not, we have been experiencing heightened sense of uncertainty. This has resulted in higher cases of depression, anxiety, hunger, and financial instability.

I have witnessed a lot of strife but also many ways that we’ve shown kindness and compassion to each other in our society here in Kenya. That has been effected through food drives, distributing menstrual hygiene products, crowdfunding campaigns for school and hospital bills.

In spite of everything good and bad that has been happening, I know that this new way of life is confusing because suddenly, there are new rules and way of life. Which begs the question, “Who are we?” And “How are we meant to exist in this world?”

Well, the world has changed and so have we. This cuts across all areas of life. For instance, during lockdown a lot of people experienced weight gain. Our perception of time, productivity, financial planning and management have changed as well.

As such the better question should be, “Who are we in this new normal?

As we reflect on ways in which we have changed, I hope we remember to extend kindness and grace to ourselves. Then allow ourselves to be the best that we can possibly be. We need more love, kindness and a sense of community especially now.

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