2021 in Trauma Awareness Review

In 2021 the most important we put on the Kenyan map was ACEs – Adverse Childhood Experiences and Adverse Community Experiences. Demystify the ACEs, we spoke brought up many difficult and controversial discussions we have avoided as adults. Below are 5 of those:

1. Parenting and the lifelong effects of different kinds of parenting
2. Religion and the long term effects of religion that lacks empathy & spirituality
3. Patriarchy and Misogyny and their long-term effects on community – Both men and women
4. Education and Teachers, their history, their value and their long-term effects on society
5. “To Marry or not to Marry” and the effects of that decision on an individual and the community … More 2021 in Trauma Awareness Review

Racial & Geographical Superiority in Child Abuse?

This type of hypocrisy bothers me because it is the gentrification of certain types of child abuse. The pretense that Swedish or western European parents don’t beat their children because they are better parents, better people than other parents in other regions of the world. Therefore, one has to go abroad, not to Germany, not to Denmark, but to South America – to be close to physically abused children, to be aware that children are experiencing physical abuse. America. while other types of child abuse, for example corporal punishment are worse, bottom of the barrel, less elite, inferior – because they happen in the southern countries where the non-white people live. … More Racial & Geographical Superiority in Child Abuse?