Israeli Palestinian violence causing Collective Trauma for over 70years

Have you ever tried ignoring your neighbors in plot 10 who fight inside their house so you can hear the bangs, crashes and dunces on the walls? What of when you find them punching each other in the corridor, on the stairs and outside on the street? The parent in house 14b who beats their child up twice or thrice a week so you can hear the child’s fright, desperation and cries for help – have you been able to forget? Have you ever seen a murdered person outside plot 10 as you went to work in the morning or as you came home from work?

Did you then move on with your day and life without remembering the fights, the sounds and the dead body? That is how the bloodshed, crying Palestinian children, stunned adults and fire and smoke from airstrikes affect us. They stay in our minds disrupting our peace, stressing us psychologically and physiologically.

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Restoring Relationships and Community is central to Restoring Well-being

Inspiration for this post came from the numerous threads, on Twitter by Dr Louise Hansen. The threads are a deep dedication to two Australian-born children, Tharnicaa and Kopika who have been held in Australian refugee detention for more than three years.

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