Finding Financial Safety

Have you ever wondered how it would be like to rethink communities where financial safety was included? Indigenous communities used to hunt, gather and store food and other basic resources and necessities in groups. The goal was to share among themselves so no one went hungry during seasons of drought or floods and no one went cold during winter.

The The Psychology of Money - hardback edition

Or did they?

If we think of money as tool to secure basic needs and well-being, what kind of society would we need to rebuild, to restructure, so finances were included in the “community based well-fare”? I mean this as a very serious question that would lead to an open discussion regarding what values, trust-models, and levels of connectedness we would have to reconstruct, in order for us to rely on each other financially, when we need it financially.

If mental and emotional well-being is dependent on our basic needs being met and a community of love and kindness, finances have to be considered part of that model.

Listen to this episode of Finding Safety

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