It was Almost too Late when I Learnt that…

    1. To Say no. Be alone. To enjoy kind easy silences without guilt or explanation, is Self-Care
    2. Neglecting or endangering your physical, psychological or emotional (mental) health in any way, is Self-Sabotage
    3. Self-Centered. Selfish or unkind are symptoms of living in survival-mode

  1. Prioritizing your material needs, health and happiness above other people’s is not selfish, it is Self-Love
  2. If you are Self-Aware, nobody else can know what is best for you better that you do
  3. The biggest looser, lost themselves in Self-Neglect and Self-Abandonment
  4. Loving someone or something that is good for you is deep Self-Knowledge
  5. If most people who claimed to love you ended up hurting you, you learn to be vigilant with love or you run away from love. It is Self-Protection
  6. Nobody can love you enough to heal your own Self-Hate, you have to heal self-hate by loving yourself
  7. Nature is easily our best friend in Self-Healing

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