Dealing with time shortage

At times, 168 hours are not enough to accomplish all the things on the “weekly” list. A great deal about mental health and self care is recognizing and accepting time limitation as the stress trigger it is. And then taking control of time to make it work for us, not stress us.

This week, we could not put together a planned post because…time. My first reaction after I realized that I wouldn’t be able to put the post together, was disappointment in myself. I beat myselft up for some hours before I realized the foolishness of my thoughts. The 2nd reaction was to ask for help from our GC members and team. “Can anyone else do this?” In management studies, we were taught that the most important skill in time and people management is DELEGATING. Let someone else do the things you can’t reach and the things you are not good at.

The answer was no, no one could write this week. All of us have had a busy and exhausting April (school holidays). For us, May is just starting to settle as it ends. Additionally, it is not easy to write about our innermost thoughts and feelings. It takes courage, time and energy.

I am travelling, working, learning new things, meeting new people, seeing a new place – and all this needs time to engage; plus time for rest – because getting used to something new, to change – takes energy. Mental energy and emotional energy.

Bear with us!

New post coming next Wednesday as usual! Stay tuned

Just a reminder, until next week, keep Your Mind focused on the things that matter.

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