Befriending the nervous system | Personal Growth

Have you ever wondered how to build new habits that stick and help you thrive? We’re here to tell you that taking care of your nervous system is a great way to start. The nervous system processes and integrates information from different parts of the body. It also receives and perceives sensations such as touch, taste, visions, etc. This makes it a very important aspect of establishing new habits.

Within the nervous system are two major branches: the sympathetic or arousing/fight-or-flight and the parasympathetic or calming/rest and digest. Both are necessary for normal human function. Arousing provides the body with energy, stimulation, and fuel to fight or flee danger. While calming provides rest and relaxation which are important for digestion and healthy bodily functions.

Marco Badwal talks about a habit loop in his Ted Talk. It starts with a cue followed by behavior finally a reward. A small habit such as waking up at 9 am each day goes through that exact process. It then results in the creation of a new network of neurons in the brain. The more you repeat waking up at 9 am each day, the more the brain notices that as an important thing to remember. As such it becomes an automatic action that you do without thinking.

A balanced nervous system can help you stay focused, manage stress, and achieve goals. A dysregulated nervous system on the other hand makes it impossible to stay focused or achieve any goals. In fact, in most cases, both the brain and nervous systems will solely be focused on survival. That means you will not be able to show up and practice any new habits.

In the long run, a balanced nervous system works hand in hand with the brain to help you to adopt new habits. These habits help you to establish a structure that is vital in ensuring zero distractions when you need to deeply focus on your goals. Remember, habits are key in building towards achieving your personal and professional growth.

Some of the ways you can befriend your nervous system are by doing breathwork daily and other somatic practices. The nervous system responds to what you do on a physical level which makes it feel calm when it is in hyperarousal. Learn more here

Making lasting changes requires taking small steps, and being consistent with healthy habits. That’s why you should start by taking one small step a day and gradually increase the challenge. Take control of your life – one step at a time!

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