1:59 things you need to know before you turn 34

So Eliud Kipchoge ran 42km in under 2 minutes. He is 34 years old – an age when most people have given up, and are just pushing life (kusukumana na maisha). Some well-wishers even advice us to just lie down and die after 30 – especially if you’re an unmarried woman, jobless man, divorced etc

What did you learn from Kipchoge’s 1:59 feat? Did you think about the mental calm, stamina or well-being it requires to do what he did? How about his wife? And pace makers? Did that teach you anything about support systems?

So let’s do 1:59 things you need to know before you turn 34 years old.

  1. Age is NOT just a number. It is a collection of stories, experiences, connections, adventures, misadventures, love, hate, heartbreak and healing. Your potential to live, love, hurt, heal and repeat all of it again is limitless. You are resilient.

Money buys everything, except the important things

1.1. If you don’t have a personality, money will not buy you a personality.

1.2. Values and strong mental stamina cannot be bought with money either.

1.3. Love, commitment and respect have never been bought with money. Never.

1.4 You can definitely buy attention, fear, sex, flattery, fun and even adventure.

1.5 Regardless of the amount of things you can buy in 1.4. you cannot buy joy or peace of mind. You can have a lot of fun with people without ever feeling real joy with them, or finding peace near them.

Discipline vs Passion

1.5.1. Discipline and perseverance is not the same as passion. To be disciplined and persevering in things for which you have no passion is futile.

1.5.2. Passion helps you choose the thing or person you will dedicate your life to. You have to love something or someone so passionately, your entire being wants it. That is how The Law of Attraction works. All thoughts turn into things eventually.

1.5.3. Discipline, faith and trust is the engine that sustains dedication to things and people.

1.5.4. Self love is the fuel that keeps the engine running. Enabling the engine to sustain dedication, faith and trust.

1.5.5. Self Love is not self obsession, narcissism or an inability to receive constructive feedback from life. However, self love includes the ability to ignore people when they try to define you.

Pace Makers and Belonging

1.5.6. No one has a right to define you, and categorize you into any group you don’t feel a natural belonging to. You define where you belong. Additionally, you define what you need to do to be accepted or acceptable in the spaces in which you want to belong. Setting boundaries and allowing ourselves to become vulnerable is a part of this journey.

1.5.7. The place, people and circumstances you choose to belong with, unwittingly become your pace makers in life.

1.5.8. The pace makers in your life are your choice. Every step of the way. You define the passion, the goal, the values and the expectations. Set boundaries, demand discipline and dedication and you keep those who keep up. Respectfully releasing those who don’t into the universe.

1.5.9. Money can buy people’s time. It can buy people’s competences which make it unwise to think of money as meaningless, just because it doesn’t buy core happiness. It can buy entertainment and comfort which go a long way to turning a bad day, into a good day.

Money cannot buy passionate pace makers that support you to be the best version of yourself. However, it can help you keep competent and dedicated time planners, dieticians, advisors, coaches, doctors, motivators and sponsors.

Those Nike shoes would not be designed for just any dude.

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