This Week Briefly

I sometimes feel like life makes up ways to interrupt itself. Like life itself feels itself moving too fast for me, it makes me pause, breath and appreciate yesterday.

I am at a new job. If you ever been at a new job, you know how minutes spin into hours and hours mesh into days. You probably also know how you come home and your brain took its rest on the way home? Even finding the keys to your own door is a challenge your brain doesn’t like? Well, then you know how it is.

The week’s post will continue next week. It is in the making.

Meanwhile, this week in the world:

  • In Africa, mostly SA but even in Kenya, ladies have been braver than brave, and have been listing rapists on Twitter. This was triggered by the kidnapping, rape and murder of Uyunene, a young girl who was taken from the post office. Check out the hashtags #RIPUyinene #SouthAfricans #Rape #AmINextPROTEST #AmINext
  • DNA results proved that the late Ken Okoth was the father of Ann Thumbi’s son. Not a gold-digger after all.
  • Boniface Mwangi hit the nail on the head when he wrote on his Facebook page about our collective hypocrisy when it comes to alcoholism. Apparently, DeMathew died because he was drunk driving. ‘If DeMathew hadn’t been behind the wheel while drunk, he wouldn’t be dead today.’ Boni says. And to show you how deep rooted our will ignore that which kills us, is – ‘not a single media house, or anyone in government, mentioned that when they went to his funeral. Boni spoke to the police officers who responded to the accident. They said that we don’t shame the dead. It’s unAfrican. To be African is to be hypocritical or?
  • I found time to look for the definition of Schizoid and Schizotypal personality disorders.
    • Schizoid personalities feel no desire to form relationships, cos they see no point in sharing their time with others
    • Schizotypal personalities avoid social interaction because of a deep-seated fear of people.

Because that is what our post next week is about. You have a lovely time and thanks for being so understanding.

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