Postpartum Depression – Chebet’s Story

Chebet’s story, written in her own words.

Chebet finally gathered the courage to share her story about post partum depression. She first shared it on whatsApp where she received lots of feedback. She found out that 15 of her contacts had gone through postpartum depression too.

Confirming our knowledge – whatever you are going through, you are not alone in it, someone else has or is going through the same.

As Chebet was sharing her story on WhatsApp, we @Growthcatalysts were planning an event together with @mymindourhumanity. One of Chebet’s contacts, @thuku_gideon had seen the poster for the event, and he shared this poster with Chebet. So, she contacted one of the organizers @damiann_juma to check if she could share her story with others at the event. Damian said yes. Of course.

The more we share our stories, the more others going through similar fates realize that they are not alone and gather courage to speak out. Opening up about the difficult experiences in our lives can save our lives, and the lives of others with similar or worse experiences.

Chebet went to the event and shared on stage. She says it was nerve-wracking, she had stage fright and she broke down on stage at some point. Most of us would, if we had to share our difficult, humbling experiences on a stage.

Chebet believes it gets better. We agree and we know from experience that it gets better. Once we start sharing our pain, we become a vent where our pain is released, and we become a sluicegate where all those who meet us can open up, vent, start healing and growing.

One thought on “Postpartum Depression – Chebet’s Story

  1. Thank you Chebet for sharing your story it gives hope to my own experience. Gives me hope that this situation will get get better.


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