Managing Stress Through Self Care.

April is stress awareness month. Which is especially important for the current world since we are still surviving the disruption caused by the pandemic. As such the levels of uncertainty, loss and hopelessness have led to global mental health becoming worse. There have been more reported cases of depression, anxiety, alcoholism and other mental illnesses … More Managing Stress Through Self Care.

COVID-19 Vaccine vs Collective Mental Health

Due to the global COVID-19 vaccine conversation, I have been thinking a lot about vaccines and their effect on society. All vaccines. Imagine the vaccine against Polio and the difference it has made in society. Measles and other previously fatal or decapitating diseases. I have heard the logical and theoretical discussions about a world without … More COVID-19 Vaccine vs Collective Mental Health

2 Important Trauma Awareness Conversations from June

The expectation that each child experiences their parent’s “disciplinary actions” in the exact same way as their siblings. Ignoring the fact that punishment for some siblings is more frequent and more severe, especially if they are “different” – difficult, stubborn, manner-less, noisy etc

Is it Ignorance or is it a lack of Compassion and Empathy?

It made me keenly aware that people are oblivious to the definition of trauma and to the 3Es that define the 3 aspects of Trauma: … More 2 Important Trauma Awareness Conversations from June