Depression is not a joke – a poem

They think you are insane
They think you have a choice
They think you can voice your pain
They think you can get a better solution

They think you are a rich spoilt kid
They see you as an immature kid who don’t know what life holds
They feel like you are out there seeking attention
They don’t think you need help

So they just sit and watch
As you fall deep into depression
As you continue to tear your skin apart
As your life falls into tiny myriad pieces
Waiting for you to get a solution
Waiting for you to suck it up
Waiting for you to move on like an adult

But how can you move on?
If you stuck in the oceans of depression?
When cutting is the only solution you have?
When overdosing is the only thing that ease the pain?
When smoking your lungs out is the only art you know?

How can you move on if your eyes are blinded by tears?
How can you heal if you got cancerous wounds?
How can you listen to the voice of hope when sadness have deafened your ears?
How people?
How can you pray for help if you don’t even know how to pray?
How can you ask for help if you forgot how to voice your voice?
How can you dance to healing if your legs are stiff?

So you just opt to hurt in silence
Hide the scars beneath your jeans
Smile with your eyes and laugh with your mouth closed
Wear a plastic happy face for all to see
And wait for the devil to save you from the demons inside

Words from my soul

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